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The Half Sister

Desiree Maddox, an overworked underpaid child advocate returns home to Baltimore to help her ailing mother. When her mother passes she finds a letter from her that reveals the true name of her deceased father. Her spiraling world comes to a screeching halt when she adheres to the letter's instructions. To make matters worse, and old flame continues to harass her. 

Desiree, no longer an only child, meets with her two sisters. On a newfound journey, along with her sisters, she finds more than extended family. Amongst siblings, secrets, betrayal, and love, she also finds herself.



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Tell Emelle Podcast

Tell Emelle Podcast

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Emelle Henry is an Indie Author. As a former Victim Advocate, she incorporates Domestic Violence storylines in her fictional novels. The Half Sister, her debut novel, was published in 2019. It became a finalist for, The Best Book Awards, African American Women's Fiction Category, the same year.  Her second novel, The Best Brother, is a continuation of the first one. Both stories include adventurous, funny, as well as serious family matters, with characters most readers can relate to.

Her current work, The L.O.M.I.E.R. (Life on Mars is evidently real) Project, is a Sci-Fi novel. Her future endeavors are to bring you more stories as she travels the globe for inspiration! Leave a comment below. Thanks!


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Little Red Flags All Over The Place

In this ebook created for survivors of Domestic Violence, Emelle Henry tackles safety planning and shares her personal story to encourage others in similar situations. Little Red Flags All Over The Place is also available in print. If you or someone you know needs help or would like to speak with an advocate please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

TyShawn Bradley believed he’d been adopted into the perfect family. That was until he and his siblings landed back into State Custody. Many obstacles, including family, seemed to be against him. He’d do anything, even traveling across the states unsupervised on a long adventurous and zany trip, to keep his family together. If only his sister,  Nakia, would act right. Her poor decisions put the entire family in danger. If only his parents, John and Sister, hadn’t left for vacation things would be all good. Although Sister needed a break after a devastating family loss, leaving the kids with Nakia for a few hours was not the best plan.  


With all the impossibilities that they all faced, there’s a much stronger force driving TyShawn. No matter what, he made it his business to be, “The Best Brother” for the family he loves.

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The Loving Myself Daily Planner and Journal stem from the need to assist survivors in their everyday routine. The planner keeps track of appointments, while the journal builds character by embodying affirmations and empowering self-care for 31 days.

The Protagonist in my upcoming Sci-Fi required an energy boost. Her monotonous job left her empty. Her unfulfilled dreams forced her to believe the untruths she made up about her life. As a responsible author, I had to save her. The Daily B.A.E. (Big Affirmation Energy) Journal is not only for her but for me and you too. Click the BUY NOW button below.


Tell Emelle Podcast is available on Apple, Amazon, & Spotify Podcasts. Click on the <<< picture to check out our show. Thanks!

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